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"SeaQuest II" Diving

World Class Warm Water Wreck Diving


"SeaQuest II"

The Sea Quest II is a 47 ft. Neuville aluminum dive boat. There is inside seating for 21 people with three tables. The boat has a large head with sink and a house sized toilet. There are tank racks for 24 divers and a large top deck with bench seats. The back deck has a canopy for shade, a 10 gallon ice water dispenser, and hot and cold water shower. We have a refrigerator and microwave  so you can warm your lunch or fix a snack. The boat has air conditioning for both heat and cooling and  110 volt A/C so you can charge the batteries on your strobes or scooter ,all you need to do is ask. We will be glad to fill our camera bucket with fresh water if you will tell us at the dock prior to our departure. Our job is to give you the best diving experience we can.  The dive platform has two ladders and surface supplied air on the hang bar. Friendly, helpful crew.

The Sea Quest II can carry up to 20 passengers. You can book all the spots or as many as you need. If you book 16 spots or more we will consider the boat filled and not add anyone else to the charter. If you do not book at least 16 spaces we will fill the remaining spaces. With 6 people you qualify for group rates, with 8 paid spaces you get one free space for a certified Divemaster or Instructor and with 16 paid spaces you get two free spaces. You are obligated totally for all the spaces you reserve unless you cancel thirty days before the trip is scheduled to run. The Sea Quest II needs a minimum of 10 people to run.

E-mail SeaQuest II  or "Discovery Diving" for more information. 414 Orange St. Beaufort, NC 28516 252-728-2265 Dial SCUBA-OK Fax. 252-728-2581
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